after THREE frigging months of waiting and follow ups, Globe Telecoms finally delivered my loyalty reward! Had I not threatened them to terminate my account, they would seem to be in a habit of telling clients that their accounts are on the process of assessment and that there are no  handyphones available yet, and will keep on suggesting to avail their rebates instead of a Handyphone unit.

Two to three days after, I got another call inquiring for my reason/reasons for terminating my account and after hearing my complaints, A NOKIA E63 was suddenly brought out to be their available unit! Upon hearing that, My tone suddenly..well..somewhat became more relaxed and started to get anxious to get my hands on the new phone though a Samsung Jet or a Nokia E72 was exactly on my dream list.  That night, I kept on checking reviews of the E63 and found it a very interesting business phone.

The only dilemma that I have right now is that I’m already using a PALM CENTRO which is also a QWERTY phone like the E63 I would prefer to keep only one QWERTY phone since I need a much simpler phone for texting while I’m driving, but both phone’s a KEEPER! The nice user interface of the E63 plus the wifi is a thumbs up!and I must admit, I started to fall in love with the sleek appearance of the E63. But the  SMARTPHONE abilities of the PALM CENTRO with regard to Calendar Schedules where you can create several categories whether it’s business,personal..etc., and create a post on each particular schedule and its touchscreen feature is something the E63 couldn’t beat as a Business Phone.