Last December 4, 2009,  after visiting Manila Doctors Hospital, I went to Robinsons Ermita to accompany an officemete canvass a laptop and after a series of store to store window shopping, I came across a very sleek lenovo laptop with a very nice specification! I am a Toshiba loyalist but with the specifications and the reasonable price, got me to thinking of switching brands that instant. I was trying to convince myself that having a laptop isnt’t at the top of my priorities for the moment. But then again, my old toshiba is showing signs that it won’t last long.

That same night, I invited Gwen for dinner at the Mall of Asia and to expand my options on what laptop that I would choose to have. Surprisingly, there werent much of  brands to choose from compared to the new Annex of SM North. I tried Toshiba and there werent that much of models on display but their Portege series and High end Satellite series which will cost someone to spend a minimum P40,000 to get only a Dual Core Processor.

Then I came across a GIGAHERTZ shop, and saw the same laptop which I saw at their Robinsons branch, A Lenovo U450P, I was having serious thoughts whether I should purchase it that same night or check some reviews first and buy it another time.

But being the Impulsive buyer that I am, as always, asking Gwen’s opinion on the matter, though affirmative or not, I will still pursue on what was programmed on my mind, which at that time, buying this Lenovo laptop.

We  went back to the shop, 15 minutes before closing and made the employess extend their business hours. I paid almost half of it on cash and the other half on deferred payments for 12 months w/ 0%.

The  new laptops a killer! A Centrino Core 2 duo with a 320G of storage,  ATI RADEON 4330, Dolby Digital Soundroom and a pre installed windows 7 with a very sleek and stylish design is all that I could hope for in a laptop.

The next day, I went shopping for PC games with high requirements and I must say, I might not need a PS3 after all.

I’m enjoying the Resident Evil 5 which I thought I might not get to play since they no longer released it for the PS2.