Yesterday, I was able to make another ( I wouldn’t say unnecessary ) expense and finally got my own Canon EF S 55-250 IS at JT photoworld after looking at its reviews on the web for almost a month. I was actually eyeing on the canon 18-200 or the tamron’s 18-270 but the reviews that I got were just average and considering the price tags of each compared to the El Cheapo 55-250, there are no alternatives for this lens. I just wanted to have a zoom lens that is very light to carry since I always use the EFS-17-55 f 2.8 since I do portraits and landscapes most of the time.

I tried the 55-250 this afternoon at Gamboa St. Park near greenbelt and I was happy with the optical results of this lens. The IS works as expected and I had no problems on taking shots at 250mm unlike  shots that I got from a 70-200 f4 w/o IS @ 200mm handheld. There is one catch though with the 55-250, it can only work at its optimum performance with plenty of light. A cloudy day or a park full of trees will force you to shift to higher ISO’s.

Nevertheless, with its price tag, optical performance, Its a perfect travel lens and  a perfect companion to my mighty EFS 17-55 IS f2.8.

Here’s a sample shot that Ive taken..a Sand Lizard ( bubuli ) devouring an insect @ 250mm

more EFS 55-250 sample shots at