Last Friday, January 22,2010, I was driving  for a meeting with our company’s president and my manager.

 Traffic wasnt going smoothly.

 It was sunny and my airconditioning isnt at the best of conditions that time. I was running on “fan mode”. Imagine how hot and perspiring could that experience be!

While wiping my sweat with my handkerchief, and with the traffic, I was able to spot a nearby construction site positioned on my left. I smirked and quickly grabbed my Powershot G9, rolled down my window and took this shot..

I parked my car at the Manila Doctors parking lot and since it was near lunch time, We decided to have it over Robinsons Place.

While walking to Robinsons place, I came across another post that grabbed my easily distracted attention.

The sign reads..

Who would have thought that there would be an organization for the oppressed! I reflected for a moment to think of almost anyone I have oppressed since childhood. I got scared that most of them might see this specially some officemates of mine who I have picked on almost everyday. 😛


November 26, 2010

went to greenhills night bazaar after work with gwen and saw this sign.. How do you say this one?