Last March 27, 2010, I suddenly had this last minute decision to use my permit to participate in PIPHO’s Intramuros’ photo contest. I have been wanting to join the moment they had posted it but confronted with weeks of procrastination, flu and then the hongkong vacation with my relatives. I got to finally shoot the location on its last day since you can never shoot places in Intramuros with a fucking permit which I doubt they prohibit tourists from taking photos with SLR’s.

anyway, I went there on solo this time. away from my group since they already get to shoot 3 weeks ago and that time i was having a flu and just met them for lunch at Harbor View instead. So I got there with a fully equipt camera bag and a heavy tripod, parked alongside Mapua and walked along every possible streets inside the Intramuros. I wore my ID so that guards wouldnt be pestering me if I have my permit.

It was a hot day but nevertheless,  I had fun shooting churches,  different kinds of people and the busy streets of Intramuros.

These are my share of photos of Intramuros..

rooster resting on antique window

street children

The Streets of Intramuros under long Exposure