Three  years after my last visit, I had the opportunity to once again visit Hong Kong. 

Me,Gwen and my family scheduled a three day vacation trip from March 12-14 and we were lucky to catch Hong Kong on a winter season.

It feels so great to once again walk the glamorous streets of Hong Kong, by day and by night. The winter chill made us enjoy this tour more and its interesting to see people flash their winter clothes in the streets as if you are watching fashion tv.

We checked in at Kowloon Hotel and its definitely where we needed it to be. Its along Tsim Tsa Tsui road which Im very familiar with, its like evrything was running on deja vu, and I wouldnt go far from it.

Sculpture on Tsim Tsa Tsui

After checking in our baggages, we started our first day on a subway train ride to the Peak Tram station.

train destination fares

inside the subway train

peak tram station

We had to walk a few kilometers to the peak tram station and we were sort of lost but nevertheless, we never felt exhausted and enjoyed the winter chill very much.

waiting for the peak tram

It was foggy everywhere and it was at its most at the peak! It was hard taking pictures. Whats the use of taking photos at the peak when you couldnt say you’re at the peak but just a place with a foggy background?. The ticket was on single use and we were fortunate that the ticket lady was very considerate enough to re allow us to enter the peak platform and view the lighted city below us.

a view from the peak

the cast of Meet Joe Black

We were also able to enter Madam Tussaud’s wax museum and it was my first time as well. The models were fascinating! its as if you are looking and poking the real person itself! Its just frustrating not to see my idol Bruce Lee on display but it turned ok since I was able to pose with Pierce Brosnan and Anthony Hopkins as worthy substitutes. 🙂

That same night before going to sleep, I decided to walk the streets with my Kiss X Digital and my buddy tripod and took some long exposure shots.


The second day started with our breakfast at McDonalds and I had a delicious Grilled Chicken burger which isnt available in the Philippines yet. 

grilled chicken burger

 Then we had a quick stop over at Heritage Park for some souvenir photos. According to one of the guards, the said park used to be an embassy of some sort that belonged to the british government. ( that explains the heavy machine guns located on the terraces ). It was nice observing all sorts people from on top of the palace, from peers strolling to couples having their post nuptial shoot was indeed a sight to capture.

Heritage Park

chinese couple

 After a few quick shots of the place, we hurried to the Buddha temple located at the far end of the city. We tried to take the fastest route going in thru a cable car and bus ride back to the city. As much as we wanted to go near the temple, time dictates us not to since we need to be at Hong Kong disneyland by 4PM. Though we had a short stay at disneyland and Ma was a bit dismayed not to have witnessed the parade show. Nevertheless, we tried to make the best of it and enjoyed at least the main attractions of the park.


disney train


3D Theater

Disney Fireworks

DAY 3:

We spent our last day at the wonderfull Ocean Park which was so vast that you can hardly complete to scour and enjoy the whole park without crying from sheer exhaustion from going back and forth the steep walkways. Nevertheless, It was really fun coming to this place for the second time and its very comforting to see my folks enjoying every single part of the park.

We made it back to our hotel and just had enough time to buy souvenirs on the streets and was fortunate enough to meet a vendor who happened to be a filipina and gave us substantial discounts on her items.

On the way to the airport, I once again felt that my stay was too short and there are still so much in it that I wasnt able to explore. I love Hong Kong and I am looking forward to another trip next year.