Having two QWERTY handheld phones can be annoying at times, specially when you are driving.  So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been on a celphone hunt, with features so techie with a touch of simplicity and affordability.

I wanted to have a phone with a traditional keypad from which all of us started, but not the cheap ones nor the more expensive ones. I wanted to have something in the middle range with a good camera quality.

I was able to own a Sony Ericsson K770 before which I bought right after watching CASINO ROYALE  😛 I was actually eyeing for the actual phone used in that Bond Film, the C902, but that phone is too expensive for me. Nevertheless, I found my K770 very reliable and its ability to be used as an internet modem and the ability to take quality photos were two reasons why I fell in love with it until I decided to let got when I got a PALM Centro Smartphone.

Having a good experience with Sony Ericsson, I made them my first choice.

When I got hold of their ELM, I said to myself, “This is it”. This is the phone that I’ve been looking for! Elegant look, good camera ( according to you tube reviews ) and threaded text messaging! But then, just when I was ready to purchase and all.. every dealer, every store only had a Pearly Pink ELM. They couldnt give me a BLACK ELM which I desperately wanted!

My enthusiasm with the SE’s ELM dwindled and I even considered getting an LG BL20 New Chocolate and a Samsung S7220 as worthy replacements. Then I met SE HAZEL, an ericsson phone with identical features with the ELM, but better in terms of screen size and comes with a slider feature for a more elegant feel.

Here are some screen shots of SE HAZEL: