June 1, 2010… We had an opportunity to embark another journey to another asian country, SINGAPORE!! wee!! This time, it was a company outing and we were about 30-35 persons who took the trip.

our first day was spent in Sentosa Island and so far so good..but I was really itching to go to Universal Studios which was scheduled next day..


Songs of the Sea

The Songs of the Sea was SPECTACULAR!! It was my first time seeing an attraction like this! It was brilliant using a mist spray and smoke as projector background, its like watching a real apparition!
2nd day

ancient egypt

The Steven Spielberg’s set was AWESOME! here, they showed us a special effects set up and we were just Awed!

steven spielberg's set

marilyn monroe


Darkness Falls…

Marina Bay Sands



Day 3


Our 3rd and last day was spent buying souvenirs and stuff. Headed firt to an electronic store, Sim Lim where you get all your hearts desire at very very cheap prices. You have got to be carefull though, as there are a lot of shrewed merchants waiting to prey on tourists. I was close to being being swindled by a merchant who was offering an EOS 550D and an EOS 7D at an Unbelievable Price!Luckily, I got a tip from a neighboring shop, SONG BROS, that such offer was a scam, as these merchants would take your downpayment or reservation fee and make you wait and then tell you that they are out of stock and then will try anything to get your money. The scary part was, I found out that there are fake EOS Cameras as well. So I bought my EOS 550D at SONG BROS which was the smartest option to buy electronics at.       



Bugis Street however, is our Divisoria version, where you can buy all sorts of stuff. Tshirts, bags, Souvenirs..you name it!
While walking along Orchard Road, I spotted these couple making out and I was quick to change my lens from 17-55 to 55-250 to get a CLOSER shot..
I miss these Ice Cream wafers! I wonder if we have something such as these at home..    


not our typical 7-11 set up.  😛    

me while waiting boarding time..