Sony Cybershot DSC-WX9


 After nightly reviews before going to sleep on which camera should I buy for my daily usage, I was decided to get a Sony DSC-WX9 over the TX10 and Canon’s S95. 

What primarily drove me to get the WX9 was its Exmor R CMOS sensor which performs REALLY well on low light scenarios! The iSweep Panorama, Background Blur, and HDR are great features as well for a point and shoot camera this cheap.  

Image Quality are very sharp and vivid on regular shooting modes. Noise Reduction also works well specially on Intelligent Auto. Panoramic images are sharp on daylight and a bit noisy on low light conditions.    

The first thing I tried was its low light performance (of course) as it was my primary motivator to purchase this camera and I was contented with the results. 

Then I tried the iSweep Panorama just outside our house ( looked like a jerk swinging his camera from Left to Right)

iSweep Panorama


The I decided to take it for a walk going to a nearby mall to buy a screen protector and made some shots along the way..


I look forward to tomorrow and play with this baby in the streets of Hidalgo and Divisoria. 😛